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Sure, I want to make money in the market, but not by taking unnecessary risks. Dividend Detective recommends stocks, funds, and other securities to serve the needs of investors like me. I'll keep you up to date on all recommended stocks and funds, and most important, I'll tell you when to sell.

Here's a rundown on the many other features that we offer."

Harry Domash

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Dividend Detective Premium Features.

Dividend Detective Highlights.

Printable report includes Dividend Detective's most popular features. Updated monthly. Click here to see a sample issue. 

Model Portfolios:

Too many choices? Here's the short list. Four model portfolios focused on different investing priorities: Monthly Retirement, Conservative, Growth & Income, and High Yield/Speculative. Click here to see monthly returns since 2008.

Managed Portfolios.

Individually researched securities with our buy/sell recommendations and risk ratings. Click here to see recent portfolio returns.

Specialty Portfolios.

Preferred Stocks:  

For investors seeking a steady income stream.

Preferred Speculators:  

Preferreds too volatile for our Preferred Stocks portfolio.

Dividend Speculators:

Risky but too tempting to pass up. 

CEF Growth Opportunities:  

High dividend Closed-End Funds in growth sectors

ETF Growth Opportunities:  

High dividend ETFs in growth sectors.

Monthly Payers.

Monthly Paying Closed-End Funds:  

High-Dividend Closed-End Funds paying monthly.

ETF Monthly Income. 

Fixed-Income ETFs paying monthly dividends.

Industry Portfolios:

Our choices for the best dividend stocks in these industries: 

Business Development Corp. (BDCs).

Energy Partnerships (MLPs).

Insurance Industry

Manufacturing & Services.  

Partnerships Ex-Energy.   

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs).   

U.S. Banks.   


Oil Industry.   


Canada Stocks

Corporate Bonds:  

12 corporate bonds that you can buy now. 


TRADITIONAL DIVIDEND CAPTURE STRATEGIES: Our exclusive 4-Week Ex-Dividend Calendar provides all the data you need to execute your own capture strategy.

DD's ADVANCED DIVIDEND CAPTURE STRATEGY: Our own take on capturing dividends. Includes instructions and all needed data. 

SPECIAL DIVIDENDS: Investable special dividend announcements

Research Tools.

Tools to help you find and evaluate opportunities on your own.

Dividend News

Breaking dividend news.

What's HOT Now?

500+ best high-dividend stocks in 65 different categories tracked daily. 12-month, YTD and 1-month returns, plus trend scores, ex-div dates & optionable flags.

Monthly Dividend Scoreboard:  

Comprehensive list of monthly payers. .

Research Center: 

Use this feature to research any U.S. dividend (common) stock.  

Dividend Candidate Resources.

Dividend stock ideas.

Dividend Monsters:

50 Highest Yielding Stocks.

Monthly Monsters:   

25 Highest Yielding Monthly Payers. 

Monthly Paying Preferreds:

All-known monthly payers.

High-Dividend ETFs:  

Dividend-paying ETFs sorted by dividend yield.

Five for Three:

Hold these five high-dividend stocks for three months. 

Preferred Monsters:   

25 Highest Yielding "Investment Quality" Preferreds

Foreign Stocks Trading in U.S.:  

High-dividend foreign stocks trading as ADRs.  

Top Yielding Dividend Aristocrats 

Highest yielding stocks on S&P's Dividend Aristocrats' list.

$5 first month, then $15/month    No minimum subscription    Cancel anytime.

Prices include all Premium features.

Quick & Easy Sign Up: We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and VISA.

Use our secure order form or call: 866-632-1593 (toll free) or 661-621-9660 (direct)