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DD Highlights & Model Portfolios

D.D. Highlights
A printable report that provides an executive summary of D.D.'s most popular features including
the Monthly Commentary, Sample Portfolios, the Top 50 Highest Yielding Dividend Stocks, Dividend Hotshots, and a list of all followed stocks including current buy/sell recommendations and forecast dividend yields. D.D. Highlights is issued monthly, generally around the fourth or fifth of each month. D.D. Highlights is easy to print because its formatted as an Adobe PDF file. You probably already have the needed PDF reader installed in your computer. If you dont, you can download it here for free: http://get.adobe.com/reader/ 

Model Portfolios
We offer four Model Portfolios for subscribers that either don't have the time or the interest to dig into D.D.'s voluminous offerings to develop their own portfolios. The three portfolios, each containing seven stocks selected from our Industry and Specialty portfolios, are:

  Monthly Paying Retirement: A diversified portfolio of stocks and funds that pay dividends monthly.

  Conservative: For investors whose top priority is minimizing risk.  These stocks are selected first for the lowest possible risk with diversification between industries, then for the highest dividend yields.

  Growth & Income: Growth stocks that also pay significant dividends. The main selection criteria are minimum 2.5% expected dividend yield, minimum 10% forecast annualized earnings growth, and diversification between industries.

  High Yield/Speculative: For investors who want to maximize dividend yield. These are the highest yielding low to medium risk stocks that we follow, with diversification between industries.

For all four portfolios, to minimize portfolio risk, diversification between industries is required. That is, we will not load up the portfolios with a currently hot category or industry sector. That way, a single industry or sector implosion won't take the entire portfolio down with it. You can see the recent returns for the four portfolios by clicking here.

To use our Model Portfolios, pick one or more portfolio and invest equal dollar amounts in each of the seven securities. Dont "cherry pick." Every portfolio has its stars and clunkers, but you cant know which is which in advance. Every few months, check the dollar value of your holdings and rebalance if necessary. We strive to minimize turnover of our Sample Portfolio picks. Any changes are announced around the 3rd or 4th of each month. In a typical month, from all four portfolios, we might replace one or two picks. That is, we might replace one or two of the 28 securities. There would be more turnover when market conditions change significantly.

The 28 securities making up our four Model Portfolios are supposed to be our best ideas. We have different qualification requirements for our Model Portfolios than for our Industry and Specialty portfolios. Thus, when we delete a pick from one of our Model Portfolios, that security might still be "buy" rated in its home Industry or Specialty portfolio. 

When we replace an existing pick, we suggest that you do the same. However, if the security being replaced is still "buy" rated in its home portfolio, its your option whether or not to sell it, assuming that you have additional funds available.

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