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Managed Portfolios

Includes 16 different Industry & Specialty portfolios, each containing anywhere from two to 20 stocks, funds, or bonds. These are our choices for the best securities in each category. All are individually researched and continuously monitored by D.D. analysts, and are rated "buy," "sell," or "do not add." In normal times, our buy/sell ratings are updated monthly, between the first and fourth of each month.

Specialty Portfolios

Preferred Stocks: For investors seeking a steady income stream.

Dividend Speculators: picks too risky to qualify for other portfolios, but too tempting to pass up.

ETF Monthly Income: Exchange-traded-funds paying monthly dividends.

ETF Growth Opportunities: Dividend paying ETFs focusing on growth sectors.

CEF Monthly Income: Close-end funds holding fixed-income securities that pay monthly dividends.

CEF Growth Opportunities: Closed-end funds primarily holding dividend-paying growth stocks.

Corporate Bonds: 12 corporate bonds in four different risk categories.

Industry Portfolios: Twelve portfolios focusing on major U.S. business sectors, plus another covering Canadian stocks.   

Business Development Corporations (BDCs): BDCs lend money to, and often take equity positions in mid-sized companies.

Energy, General Partners: GPs hold general partner interests in Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs).

Energy Partnerships: Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) and Limited Liability Corporations (LLCs) that operate in the energy field.

Insurance Industry: Insurance companies and insurance brokers. 

Large Banks: International, Super-Regional, and Money Center Banks

Manufacturing & Services: Industrial Firms & Service Providers

Oil Industry: Drillers and Integrated Oil Companies

Partnerships Excluding Energy: MLPs and LLCs, Excluding Energy

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs): Property Owners and Mortgage Investors

Regional Banks: Community & Regional Banks

Rural Telecoms: Landline Telephone Companies Serving Rural Areas

Utilities: Natural Gas & Electric Utilities 

Canadian Stocks: Manufacturing & service companies

Risk Ratings: All holdings in our Industry & Specialty Portfolios, except Corporate Bond have risk ratings that looks like this: a/b, where 'a' and 'b' are numbers ranging from '1' to '5.' The first number (a) represents "debt risk," which is the risk that higher interest rates would depress earnings. The second number (b) is dividend cut risk, which is the risk of a dividend cut triggered by a business slowdown. The ratings go from one to five, where one is the lowest risk, five is the highest risk, and three is average. The ratings are developed by Dividend Detective and may not agree with other published ratings.

E-Mail Updates: When conditions require an immediate change to existing buy/sell ratings, we mail updates to all subscribers. However, we only send them when immediate action is required and in normal markets, that rarely happens.

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