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About Harry Domash, Dividend Detective’s founder and publisher 

A seasoned analyst, Harry Domash is best known for his investing columns that have appeared regularly in print publications such as Business 2.0 Magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle and other newspapers, and on major financial websites including MarketWatch, MSN Money and Morningstar.

His best selling stock analysis book, “Fire Your Stock Analyst,” has been translated into Chinese, Japanese and Russian.

Besides for Dividend Detective, Domash, a frequent speaker at Money Show and at American Association of Individual Investors’ investing seminars, publishes WinningInvesting.com, a free site featuring “how to” investing tutorials and other resources.

Domash follows a rigorous three part strategy for qualifying stock and fund candidates:

1) Global Economic Outlook: identifies mid-term (6 to 24 months) economic trends and uses that information to identify market sectors and industries with the best (and worst) economic outlooks.

2) Fundamental Analysis: employs a rigorous analysis process to determine which firms have both the necessary combination of both the ability and the desire to grow their dividend payouts.

3) Technical Analysis: uses proprietary formulas to establish entry and exit points for qualifying stocks.  

About Dividend Detective

Dividend Detective’s editorial offices are located in Aptos, California, which is in Santa Cruz County and is the beach for Silicon Valley.

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