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D.D. Quick Start

Connecting to DD Premium

Use this link to connect to the Premium Members Home: https://DividendDetective.com/subs/.

Log-on using the username and password that you set up when you subscribed. Please keep in mind that our software is CaSe sensitive.

Tip: When you start to log on, a box pops up asking for your user name and password. If you are having trouble logging on, type everything in new, do not use the characters that automatically pop-up in those boxes.

If you have problems logging on, you can get 24/7 help by phone (866) 632-1593 (toll free) or (661) 621-9660 (direct), by e-mail at dividenddetective@netbillingsupport.com, or via LIVE CHAT. If you continue to have logon problems, contact us at support@DividendDetective.com.

Once logged-on, bookmark or add the Premium Members Home to your favorites so that you can go there directly.

D.D. Premium Features 

Premium features fall into these major categories:

Breaking News: News and analysis affecting DD Portfolio stocks and funds. Updated multiple times daily. Accessed from Premium Members Home page (top left).

D.D. Highlights: an executive summary of D.D.'s most popular features. Click here for details.

Model Portfolios: Four portfolios for subscribers that don't have time to dig into D.D.'s voluminous offerings. Click here for details.  Click here for Model Portfolio historical returns.

Industry & Specialty Portfolios: 18 different portfolios, each containing from two to 20 stocks, funds, or bonds, each rated "buy," "sell," or "do not add.". Most portfolio picks include D.D.'s proprietary debt and dividend cut risk ratings. Click here for details.

Research Tools:

Special tools for subscribers who want to do their own research. Click here for details.

Dividend Ideas Promising candidates derived from seven different Dividend Detective proprietary screens. Click here for details.

Dividend Capture Tools.

Traditional Strategy: Ex-Dividend Calendar lists all stocks going ex-dividend within the next four weeks and includes the data needed to implement traditional capture strategies.

Advanced Strategy: Special ex-dividend calendar and all data needed to implement our advanced capture strategy.

Special Dividends Report: Special dividends are unexpected one-time payouts that are often much larger than regular dividends.

Click here for Dividend Capture strategy details.

Using DD Premium

D.D. Premium contains too much information to absorb all at once, so, if you are a mid-term to long-term investor:

1) Start by downloading and printing the current issue of Dividend Detective Highlights, which can be accessed from the link near the top of the Premium Members home page. Be sure to review the previous month's and year-to-date returns for all of our portfolios that are listed in page 2.

2) After reading DD Highlights, check out our Model Portfolios (left-hand column, near top). It contains four portfolios, each containing seven stocks. Those are our best ideas for this month. After that,

3) If you are retired and are looking for relatively low-risk income investments. we advise overweighting buy-rated picks from our Preferred Stocks portfolio.

4) If you are looking for moderate growth stocks, but still at relatively low- risk, check out our Conservative Model Portfolio.

5) If you want something to talk about in the locker room, our High Tech - High Dividend specialty portfolio might be your best bet. Click here to see historical returns for all portfolios.

3) Check Breaking News for latest news affecting DD Portfolio stocks

4) Browse the site's many other features at your leisure. 

Thanks for subscribing, and we hope you find Dividend Detective a profitable investment. If you don't, there is no minimum subscription and you can cancel anytime. Simply email support@DividendDetective.com. Click here for more info.

Harry & Norma Domash

The information provided by Dividend Detective is believed correct, but the accuracy is not guaranteed. Investing in stocks and/or funds involves risk. You should not assume that recommendations will be profitable or will equal the performance of past recommendations. Before investing, consult with a financial advisor to determine if the stocks and/or funds described here are suitable investments for you.

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