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Natural Gas Pipelines

Access Midstream Partners
Owned natural gas gathering systems and other midstream energy assets on the Barnett Shale, Haynesville Shale and in Mid-Continent regions.  Changed name from Chesapeake to Access in July 2012 when Global Infrastructure Partners became general partner. Acquired by Williams in February 2015.

Atlas Pipeline Partners
Owned natural gas gathering, processing plants, and interstate pipelines and in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Texas. Also owns pipelines in western Pennsylvania, western New York and eastern Ohio. Acquired by Targa Resource Partners in January 2015.

Copano Energy
Copano, a limited liability company (LLC). Acquired by Kinder Morgan in January 2013.

Crestwood Midstream Partners (CMLP)
Owned natural gas gathering and processing facilities serving the Fort Worth Basin in north Texas. Formerly QuickSilver Gas Service (KGS). Acquired by general partner, Crestwood Equity Partners (CEQP), in September 2015.

Duncan Energy Partners (DEP)
A spin-off of Enterprise Product Partners slower growing assets. Re-acquired by Enterprise September 2011.

El Paso Pipeline Partners
Owned interstate pipeline system serving the Rocky Mountain region, and interests in the Colorado Interstate Gas Company and the Southern Natural Gas Company, which operates interstate pipelines in the Rocky Mountain and southeastern regions of the U.S. Acquired by Kinder Morgan (KMI) in November 2014.

Inergy Midstream
Owned natural gas pipeline and NGL storage assets in the New York and Pennsylvania. Inergy LP (NRGY) is the master partner. Acquired by Crestwood Midstream in May 2013. 

MarkWest Energy Partners (MWE)
Owned and operated natural gas pipelines, processing plants, and associated facilities in the Northeast, Texas and Oklahoma.  Acquired by MLPX LP in December 2015.

Oneok Partners (OKS)
Oneok (formerly Northern Border Partners) owned natural gas pipelines, processing plants and associated facilities, mostly in the Mid-Continent region. Acquired by Oneok, Inc., (OKE) its general partner, in June 2017.

Regency Energy Partners  (RGP)
Owned natural gas gathering pipeline and processing facilities in Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, and Oklahoma. Acquired by Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) in April 2015.

Targa Resources Partners (NGLS)
Owns natural gas pipelines and processing plants in Louisiana and Texas. Acquired by its general partner, Targa Resources Corp. (TRGP), in February 2016.

Exploration & Production

Encore Energy Partners (ENP)
A September 2007 IPO, Encore owned producing and non-producing oil and natural gas properties in the Big Horn Basin in Wyoming and Montana, the Williston Basin in North Dakota and Montana, the Permian Basin in West Texas and New Mexico, and the Arkoma Basin in Arkansas and Oklahoma. Vanguard Natural Resources was the Master Partner and owned 46% of Encore's limited partner units. Vanguard acquired Encore in November 2011.

Oxford Resource Partners (OXF)
A July 2010 IPO, Oxford produced steam coal from mines in Northern Appalachia and the Illinois Basin. Acquired by Westmorland Coal (WLB) in January 2015.

Linn Energy (LINQ)
Linn,  an LLC, owned natural gas reserves in the Texas Panhandle, Oklahoma, Michigan, and in the Los Angeles Basin.  Filed for bankruptcy and delisted by NASDAQ in May 2016.

LinnCo was an LLC that has elected to be taxed as a corporation for U.S. federal income tax purposes. Shareholders receive Form 1099 for dividends. LinnCo had no assets or operations other than its ownership of LINN (LNCOQ) units.  Filed for bankruptcy and delisted by NASDAQ in May 2016.

LRR Energy (LRE)
A 2011 IPO, LRR owned oil and natural gas properties, primarily in the Permian Basin. A unit of Lime Rock Resources was general partner. Acquired by Vanguard Natural Resources in October 2015.

New Source Energy Partners (NSLP)
A February 2013 IPO, New Source owned onshore and offshore oil and natural gas resources in east-central Oklahoma. New Source Energy GP, LLC, was general partner. Declared bankruptcy in March 2016.

Penn Virginia Resource Partners (PVR)
Owned, but did not operate, coal properties and related assets. PVR also generated revenues from the sale of timber growing on its properties. Also owned and operated natural gas gathering and processing facilities. Acquired by Regency Energy Partners (RGP) in October 2013.

Pioneer Southwest Energy Partners (PSE)
A May 2008 IPO, Pioneer owned oil and natural gas reserves in Texas and in southwest New Mexico. Acquired by Pioneer Natural Resources in December 2013.

QR Energy (QRE)
A December 2010 IPO, QR owned crude oil (70%) and natural gas (30%) reserves in the Permian Basin, Ark-La-Tex, Mid-Continent and Gulf Coast regions. Acquired by BreitBurn Energy in November 2014.

Rhino Resources (RNO)
A September 2010 IPO, Rhino produced steam and metallurgical coal from mines in Central Appalachia, Northern Appalachia, the Illinois Basin, and the Western Bituminous region. Completed 1 for 10 reverse stock split in April 2016. In March 2016, agreed to be acquired by Royal Energy Resources.

General Partners

Alliance Holdings GP, L.P. (AHGP)
GP for coal miner Alliance Resource Partners (ARLP), merged into ARLP in May 2017.

Atlas Energy, L.P. (ATLS)
GP for natural gas pipeline operator Atlas Pipeline Partners (APL) and the newly formed Atlas Resource Partners, L.P., which operates natural gas and oil development and production assets.  Filed for bankruptcy in July 2016.

Crosstex Energy, Inc.
Was GP for Crosstex Energy, LP which owned natural gas pipelines and associated facilities in Texas and in Louisiana. In March 2014, merged with units of Devon Energy.

Spectra Energy Corp. (SE)
GP for natural gas pipeline operator Spectra Energy Partners (SEP) Acquired by Enbridge, Inc, in February 2017.

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